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The Sooner the Better: A Framework for Training Early Intervention Practitioners on Deaf-Blindness

The Sooner the Better: A Framework for Training Early Intervention Practitioners on Deaf-Blindness

Hero Image of child with deaf-blindness

This framework offers state deaf-blind projects a collection of online resources they can use to provide customized training and technical assistance to early intervention providers as well as to project staff and families. It focuses on the identification of children with combined vision and hearing loss, key instructional strategies, and the developmental domains used by early interventionists. The selection of resources was guided by CEC's Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Recommended Practices.

How to Use the Framework

The content is organized into units, which show up in the left-hand menu. Within each unit is a list of topics. Clicking on a topic will display associated resources. There are five types of resources in the framework (though not every type will be found under a given topic): PowerPoint slides, videos, recorded presentations, handouts, and photos. Some units end with a "Participant Learning" section that includes activities and questions.

State projects are encouraged to use any combination of resources from the framework to design their own trainings. Depending on your needs, this might be anything from a 10-minute presentation during a meeting to a day-long workshop. Feel free to modify any of the PowerPoint presentations for your own use. A number of video clips are included in the framework; you might watch these to increase your own knowledge about early intervention, show one or more during a training, or provide the links to practitioners or family members to educate them about specific topics.

A Note About the Content

Much of the PowerPoint and video content for the framework came from three specific events:

  • An in-person training hosted by Indiana Deaf-Blind Services on May 17, 2016: “Supporting Infants & Toddlers with Multiple Disabilities, Including Combined Vision & Hearing Loss.” The presenter was Barbara Purvis.
  • Interviews with Indiana Part C practitioners conducted by Lisa Poff (Program Coordinator for Indiana Deaf-Blind Services) on May 18, 2016.
  • A webinar for Pennsylvania Part C providers on March 29, 2016: “Interventions for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss.” The presenters were Megan Cote, Carol Darrah, and Emma Nelson.

PowerPoint slides and video clips from these events are indicated by “IN Training,” "IN Interviews," and “PA Webinar” throughout the framework.


We want to thank the members of the Part C Work Group, who helped make decisions about the content and organization of the framework:

  • Danna Conn (TN)
  • Carol Darrah (GA)
  • Rose Moehring (SD)
  • Emma Nelson (VT)
  • Sherri Nelson (ND)
  • Lisa Poff (IN)
  • Barbara Purvis (former NCDB Early Identification and Referral Initiative Lead)

Power Points

Within the various sections of the framework there are links to sets of slides found in the following PowerPoint presentations (you can also download these presentations from within each section): 

IN Training Part 1

IN Training Part 2

PA Webinar

Published 2017 by National Center on Deaf-Blindness