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Use of Teaching Children Who Are Deafblind Modules: Info for Professional Development Providers

September 2022

The first module in NCDB’s series of professional development modules, Teaching Children Who Are Deafblind, is available for professional development (PD) providers to use in their training activities.

If you are a professional development provider and would like assistance incorporating this module into your training, contact

Note that NCDB does not provide training or collect information on individuals who access the materials on our website. We are unable to award CEUs or certificates or confirm completion of the module. That is a responsibility of PD providers.

Important Links

The Impact of Deafblindness on Learning and Development – The first module in the series

Teaching Children Who are Deafblind – An explanation of the series 

Mailing list sign-up page – To receive occasional updates (e.g., new modules, user tips)

PD Provider Feedback Survey – Please complete if you are already using this module in your training efforts

Quick Facts

The purpose of this module, as well as future ones in the series, is to provide training materials that can be incorporated into existing professional development opportunities offered by state departments of education and other agencies and organizations.

Designed to provide training for 

  • Early interventionists
  • Teachers
  • Related service providers


Consist of four lessons, each containing

  • Three 10-minute videos
  • A quiz
  • Suggested activities
  • Additional resources




Potential uses include

  • State and district-level continuing education
  • Educational or early intervention team training
  • Workshops/courses for specific groups (e.g., teachers of students who are visually impaired, occupational therapists, orientation and mobility specialists

Incorporating the Module into Your PD Platform

The modules in the “Teaching Children Who Are Deafblind” series can be incorporated into learning management systems or PD platforms in two ways.

Method One

Within each module there are four lessons and each has a unique URL. Simply copy and paste the URLs into your platform. This method ensures that 

  • Participants have access to all the module content (e.g., activities, quiz, additional resources, references) 
  • You have the most current version of the module and do not need to make updates manually


Method Two

If you prefer to fully embed the module content into your own platform, you can copy and paste all of the module elements.

  • Request video embed codes and quiz answers from
  • Copy and paste the module text and other elements (e.g., activities, quiz, additional resources, references) directly from the module  

Any updates or changes over the years will need to be made manually (be sure to subscribe to our email updates).