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Info Center

Welcome to NCDB's Info Center. Here you will find information about deaf-blindness, educational practices for children and youth, and the National Child Count. Our goal is to help users find high-quality resources and avoid information overload.

Information includes links to a wide variety of resources—factsheets, websites, articles, videos—for families, service providers, and anyone else involved in the life of a child with deaf-blindness. We have also kept all of our popular legacy publications from previous OSEP-funded projects (see bottom of page). 

If you are having trouble finding what you need, please email

What you'll find in our info center

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Deaf-Blindness Overview

Learn about deaf-blindness, the diversity of the population and their educational needs, and view profiles of amazing children and youth.

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Info Topics

Find resources on the wide array of practices that help children and youth with deaf-blindness learn, develop, and lead meaningful lives.

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National Child Count

Access state and national data on children and youth who are deaf-blind, including demographics, causes of deaf-blindness, and more.

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Practice Guides

NCDB is creating a series of practice guides that outline the essential components of instructional practices commonly used with children who are deaf-blind

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Professional Development

Find information about professional development opportunities for teachers and related service providers about how to teach children who are deaf-blind.

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Recursos para Familias

Selected resources for Spanish-speaking families of children with deaf-blindness, including fact sheets, articles, learning modules, and webinars.

Other Sources of Information


In addition to what you find on this website, there are many other great sources of information about deaf-blindness. NCDB's most extensive partnership in this area is with Perkins School for the Blind. The research librarian at Perkins' Hayes Research Library is a part-time NCDB employee and NCDB and Perkins  work closely together to stay up-to-date on the literature on deaf-blindness and make it available to families and practitioners.

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Contact Perkins Library

Info Consortium

In January 2019, NCDB began a new group called the Deaf-Blind Information Consortium. It consists of agencies that, in addition to other services, make information about deaf-blindness available to a national audience. Its purpose is to share ideas and resources and improve the coordination of information on deaf-blindness provided to families and service providers throughout the United States.