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(NY) New York DeafBlind Collaborative

Queens College
Powdermaker Hall 200
Queens, NY 11367

New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative logo


Phone: (718) 997-4854

Fax: (718) 997-4883

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Project Staff

Susanne Morgan Morrow [Project Contact]

Project Director

(718) 997-4854

Suzanne Chen

Family Engagement & Outreach Coordinator (Lead)

(718) 570-0448

Amanda Crayton

DeafBlind Specialist

(518) 860-6074

Rhonda Voight-Campbell

DeafBlind Specialist

Jessica Marchionda

DeafBlind Specialist


Lisa Tsang 

Project Assistant

Nanci Bentley 

Family Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

(716) 946-7224

Alexandra Fiallos

Family Engagement & Outreach Coordinator (Spanish)


Patrick Mullen

DeafBlind Specialist

Patricia Rachal

Principal Investigator

(718) 997-5470

Susan Weigert

OSEP Project Officer

(202) 245-6522